Amalgamated Transit Union LOCAL UNION 1342
196 Orchard Park Rd. West Seneca, New York 14224 :: Phone: (716) 825-9217 | FAX: (716) 825-9243

Jeffrey B. Richardson

President/Business Agent

Ron Giza

Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Kevin Kline

Vice President

Lydia Moore

Recording Secretary

Upcoming 2020 Meetings:

May 13, 2020 Charter Union Meeting
June 10, 2020 Charter Union Meeting

July 6, 2020 Board Meeting (Monday)
July 8, 2020 Charter Union Meeting

August 7, 2020 Board Meeting
August 12, 2020 Charter Union Meeting

September 4, 2020 Board Meeting
September 9, 2020 Charter Union Meeting

October 9, 2020 Board Meeting
October 14, 2020 Charter Union Meeting


Local 1342 President Jeffery Richardson

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ATU Local Union Meetings

Metro Union Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at the ATU Union Hall at 196 Orchard Park Road. The meeting times are 10:00 AM and 7:30 PM.

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Brothers and Sisters:
Every year thousands of transit employees throughout the United States, mostly bus operators, are assaulted in the course of performing their duties. Considering the fact that many of these abhorrent incidents occur while massive buses are rolling down the street. It’s actually amazing that more pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motorists are not killed. People don’t like paying increased fares for less frequent service, so quite often they take their frustration out on the drivers, the neighborhood tax collectors. Other disputes occur when operators simply enforce safety regulations.

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